Doral Park Pavilion, “Micco”

Doral, Miami-Dade County, Florida

Conceived as a new gateway from the Everglades to the city, the Doral Park Pavilion was a close collaboration between Local Office and Miamibased artist Michele Oka Doner. In the town center of Doral, a Miami suburb, Local Office worked with the artist to re-purpose driftwood for an urban-scale intervention. Rescaling a found object is as simple as it is impossible; the material and structural logics break down outside of their naturally occurring scale, requiring design problem solving to reinterpret the original effects and functions. The team worked in digital and analog processes of hand sculpture, 3-D scanning and printing, and software modeling, adapting scripts intended for engineering and sculpture. Formwork was cut in foam using five axis routers and concrete was cast on-site in a single pour. Molds for the concrete structure were fabricated in pieces using a 5-axis router, trucked to the site, and assembled for a weeks-long continuous pour. Local Office oversaw this unique and technical process, forging new methods for fabrication and assembly, working seamlessly between analog and digital design realms.

The landscape design takes its form from the cypress canopies of the Everglades, drawing the species and structures of the native tropical wetlands into the fabric of the city. Native tropical epiphytes, bromeliads, and vines grow in embedded planters within the concrete pavilion and throughout the park.

Micco pavilion was awarded the 2015 Best of Digital Fabrication award from the Architect’s Newspaper.