Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan

Long Beach, New York

The City of Long Beach, New York, called on Local Office to update their Comprehensive Plan to address ecological, economic and infrastructural resiliency, post-Sandy. While Federal and State projects have already restored much of the damage to the beachfront, a Local Waterfront Revitalization Planning effort was commissioned in tandem with the Comprehensive Plan Update to address the vulnerabilities of the City’s mile-long bayside coast.

The plan sites 3,000,000 square feet of real estate development, strategically positioned to provide surge protection, evacuation centers and flood storage while servicing the community’s growing need for housing, commercial space, cultural institutions, and parking. An integrated Bayside Mile Resiliency Park activates and protects this underutilized waterfront, converting a vulnerability into an asset. City-wide bluestreets and pervious pocket parks replace failing underground storm sewers, lifting this infrastructure out of the rising freshwater lens and providing much needed recreational amenities in the city center.